where do i put the O-rings That came with magma?

Magma comes with FDA approved high-temperature silicone O-rings to help make a proper seal to your Easy Valve Herbal Chamber. They not only help to seal the vapor flow path, but also act to secure the device to the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber.  The O-rings are to be assembled as follows:

Magma o-ring Assembly:

1. Remove the Blue O-ring that came with your Easy Valve Herbal Chamber

2. Place one of the Small O-rings in the existing groove of your Easy Valve Herbal Chamber

3. Place the Large O-ring in the position that the Blue O-ring previously occupied

4. Assemble Magma on the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber by pushing down with a slight twisting motion

5. Check for a thin line seal to appear between the O-ring and Magma which will indicate a proper seal is being made. If you are having trouble making a proper seal, please watch the Magma O-ring Assembly video, and contact support@magma-industries.com if further assistance is needed. We will always work to ensure your device fits properly and delivers the finest quality vapor available.