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What is Magma and Obsidian made out of?

Magma is constructed from an FDA approved food- and water-safe, high temperature resistant synthetic polymer resin. The material's properties are identical to the black ring that surrounds your Volcano's heating element and that your Easy Valve Herbal Chamber rests on during use. It imparts no taste or smell so you get every bit of flavor from all of your herbs and essential oils. Magma's parts are assembled using a state-of-the-art ultrasonic welding process to ensure hermetic seals without using any solvents and a perfect fit every time.

Obsidian and the Limited Edition Borosilicate Magma are constructed from the highest quality laboratory grade borosilicate glass available. They are hand blown by master glass artisans to ensure a precision fit with your Easy Valve Herbal Chamber for a perfect seal, every time. Borosilicate can withstand the harshest of chemical environments, making cleaning a breeze.

What temperature should I use with my Volcano while using Magma and Obsidian?

Magma and Obsidian are designed for any temperature that you regularly use with your Volcano. We recommend starting below 325F, and slowly increasing the temperature during your session. We do not recommend using the Volcano at temperatures exceeding 400F, as some popular herbs and essential oils will release harmful vapors when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. 

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Can water get into my Volcano when using Magma or Obsidian?

No. If all safety instructions and recommendations are followed (full use and precautions can be found on Magma or Obsidian packaging), water cannot enter your Volcano. Ensure your bag does not overfill, and do not squeeze the bag while attached to Magma. Do not overfill Magma. 

Obsidian features a secondary water trap (not included on Magma devices) that contains incidental water spills. This helps prevent getting moisture or liquid mixed in with your herbs or essential oils in the rare case of incidental overfills or accidents.

My Magma or Obsidian is not working properly, what should I do?

Read all instructions and safety precautions indicated on your Magma or Obsidian packaging. Ensure your device is properly seated on your Easy Valve Herbal Chamber; use the small O-ring provided with your unit to help secure Magma during use, and the larger O-ring to prevent vapor leaks with Obsidian. Do not overfill; the water level should be lower than the Magma Industries insignia as indicated on the instructions. If further assistance is needed, contact

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